Ste­pha­nie Haensler


„Ich habe noch nie ein so krea­ti­ves, höchst pro­fes­sio­nel­les und dabei so lie­be­vol­les Fes­ti­val erle­ben dür­fen. Die Pro­gram­ma­ti­on und Dra­ma­tur­gie über­zeugt auf allen Ebe­nen und geht in einer bestechen­den Authen­ti­zi­tät durch Mark und Bein. Das sind Kon­zert­er­leb­nis­se, die einen wirk­lich anrüh­ren und noch lan­ge nachhallen.“

Mal­colm Martineau 


“One of my best expe­ri­en­ces in recent years in the world of Lied and Song has been at Lied­Ba­sel. It is total­ly uni­que becau­se it not only includes tra­di­tio­nal pre­sen­ta­ti­ons of the song reper­toire but also every pos­si­bi­li­ty within the cir­cle of “song”. I taught a week of clas­ses with the won­derful Ange­li­ka Kirch­schla­ger for five very talen­ted duos. It is important that Lied­Ba­sel invi­tes regu­lar duos and not indi­vi­du­als  to par­ti­ci­pa­te becau­se they are alre­a­dy some way along the road.

 We also had the joy of the Erl­kings and the inten­si­ty of Win­ter­rei­se with the sto­ry of an expe­di­ti­on to the North Pole. 

The most important thing that I saw at Lied­Ba­sel was the affir­ma­ti­on that Lied is still as rele­vant today as it ever was. Life and Love and the essence of huma­ni­ty does not chan­ge and that is what all this won­derful reper­toire is about.”

Simo­ne Keller


„Ganz gros­sen Dank für die bis ins letz­te Detail per­fek­te Orga­ni­sa­ti­on, das Wohl­wol­len, die Herz­lich­keit. Wir sind beglückt und inspiriert.“

Michael Haefliger

Michael Haef­li­ger

Inten­dant Lucer­ne Fes­ti­val

„Den Initiant*innen ist es zu ver­dan­ken, dass die Stadt Basel seit 2019 in den jähr­li­chen Genuss eines hoch­ka­rä­ti­gen Lied­fes­ti­vals kommt, ein Fes­ti­val­gen­re und eine Kon­zert­form, die in der heu­ti­gen Klas­sik- und Musik­welt unbe­dingt mehr geför­dert wer­den sollte.“

Ben­ja­min Appl


"The­re are very spe­cial moments in life. One of them was being part at the first edi­ti­on of the fes­ti­val LIED­Ba­sel. A fes­ti­val like I have never expe­ri­en­ced befo­re, whe­re we just not try to beco­me bet­ter musi­ci­ans and whe­re we aim to under­stand the world of Lie­der bet­ter, but to learn more about our­sel­ves and the world around us. It's spe­cial, inno­va­ti­ve and about things that real­ly matter."

Gra­ham Johnson

Pia­nist & Ehren­pa­tron LIED­Ba­sel

“I stron­gly felt I was pre­sent at the birth of a new tra­di­ti­on, the begin­ning of some­thing very exci­ting. I also have the war­mest memo­ries of a won­derful­ly know­led­geable and enga­ged public, sup­port­i­ve of the efforts of the youn­ger gene­ra­ti­on as they embark on a care­er in this reper­toire. LIED­Ba­sel is not just ano­ther excu­se for giving song reci­tals, it is a fes­ti­val, run by very spe­cial peo­p­le that 'thinks out­side the box'. And it is abso­lut­e­ly out of the ordinary!"